Trauma Cleansing

Power of Trauma is often overlooked , often one feels like its been dealt with by pushing it into the back of the mind , or the modern societty feels that counselling sets us free from such experiences.Little people will realise the remains left behind are not that simply cleaned .

The reason being is the Auto Protection measures that the pysical body takes to protect itself . The power  mind is a very powerful weapon , during the trauma , the individual experiences an emotional explosion within their Auric field and the physical body's experiences so much stress that it degenerates on a cellular level , goes into destruction mode as if to say and the physical body then creates Crystals in the body to protect the cells from further damage ! These crystals are very tiny . But they hold your pain of this trauma , if it is poked , triggered by memories ,it will actually hurt !

In this treatment , The Kundakini Reiki flow is intended to clear these crystals in the physical body . The treatment is private and there is no need to discuss the details of the Trauma , the Energy flow will dissolve your Traumatic Crystals .
After this treatment , you will literally feel lighter , simply because you will no longer be carrying the baggage of the Trauma .

Duration is estimated of 30 minutes , rest recommended straight after.

Please call in store to book .


Melike X