Shamanic Healing

I also offer SHAMANIC healing is which is  known as one of the one of the oldest healing practices,

In Tribal cultures , shamans are very important as they communicate with the sprit realm and assists the person on a deeper level . When I started on my journey with Reiki , in one of my meditations , I have met my sprit aimal who is a very wise white wolf , who wears a Torquise totem around his neck . He is a powerful healer who can travel to the underworls with me to do the Shamanic Reiki Rituels.

There is no set schedule for this treatment as it depends on the person who is seeking healing .

The sessions normally take 30-45 minutes and I use sage smudges , tribal drums and other herbs and protection crystals if I see necessary necessary. Rest and plenty of fluids recommended thereafter 

Just call the shop to book