Kundalini Reiki


What would you do if the house you live in gets the electric cut off ?

Or when you flick a SWITCH ,what if you trip every single electrical device in your house ?

Or your house is COLD no matter how many heaters you plug in ?

 You would call someone to fix it wouldnt you ?  Now I would like you to imagine yourself as a house with an electric wire system in it.  When you experience energy distruptions , like extreem tiredness and quick anger , depression , anxiety , exterema back pain , siatica , your electric system is damaged and needs fixing immedeately . Your chakras are in need of recharging . And the best way to feed your chakras is Kundalini Reiki. 

This is a wonderful grounding energy , and is especcially recommended for thoise who suffer from Back Pains , Leg Pains , Siatica , Depression , find it hard to Relax and Ground. As a Summary , these are common issues that are side effect that let us know that the individual does not ground well , or has not done so in the past.

Kundalini Reiki is a very calming flow , it instanty puts one in a meditative state simply because the strong Energy from the Earth Centre , blasts and clears the chakras inside out , bathing them in Eternal Love of Mothe Earth , leaving the person very relaxed and calm.

Kundalini Reiki not only heals peple , it heals sitiations , animals , relationships , anything you are being challenged with , it can Ground and be healed .

Its very efefctive treatment especcially for extreme back problems providing reular tretaments are applied , a healht Root Chakra nd a good Earth connection will be established through Kundalini Reiki . In a way , imahine this as thogh you are replacing the Old electric system in your house , as the old wires have depleted energy , and you are laying down new CABLES for the energy tpo flow and you are EARTHING your power supply in your home

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