Reiki Treatments


Reiki is a wonderful energy that has no limits of reach. Time , distance does not make any difference . I chanel this wonderful energy as werll as teaching it. REiki can heal the fast , power the future as wel. It works wonders as it also helps the person to release the old energies and the effects of negative thinking. 

Some popular treatments that Reiki is used are as follows : 

Stress , Anger , ADHD, OCD , Insomnia , Depression , Anxiety, Traumas, Digestive Problems , Coomon Colds and Flus , Fatique , Fibromibralgia , Hernia , Siatica , Back Pain , Intimacy Issues , HIV , MS , Cancer , Dementia and many more . 

Please note that I tailor each cleint with their own Healing Programme as we are all indiviauls with difefrent experiences and will need different methods to understand , release and heal .Please come in to discuss your Healing Programme . 

Love and light