Personal Energy Forecasts


Do you keep repeating patterns ? Are you wondering why you cant reach  certain goals despite having watched the Secret over a hundred times ? Do you keep on wondering where you are going wrong when you do everything by the book ? My simple answer to this is that you perhaps do not posses the same vibration as your desire .

But all this harking on about energy ,Are you energy wise ? Or still none the wiser ? Did you know that you have a certain vibration and did you know that you can change your vibration . You can rise in vibration but you can lower it as well .

I will compare this to a Radio frequency . If your listening to Classic FM , you would not get it unless you tune into that channel would you ? Just like the radio waves and frequencies , as a human , you vibrate and releasee energy , positove or negative . You may change your vibraton with activities like .excercise , changing diet , regular energy treaments . 

Some Vibartion rising activities are : Dancing , singing , laughing , druming , sex 

Voibration lowering activities ; argument , gossip , swearing , shouting ,  etc

If you are not aware of what you transmitt , weather goood or bad , how can you fine tune it to what you want and need ?

Come in and have a chat about your viration and how you can change it . You will never loose on self investment . 

Love and light