Tarot and Angel Card Readings


Fore warned is Fore Armed they say ,and I agree ...

Sometimes there is not a lot you can do but soften the blow for whats coming .

Sometimes there is nothing you can do but hope for the best ,

Sometimes , you need to realise and look deeeper into the situation ,

Sometimes , you only need to realise your mistake and apologise and all will be healed ,

Whatever the situation , daily challanges are a part of life on Earth and we all need a helping hand to get up a step to overcome a challenge. 

I offer two types of readings For those of you who believ in the existence of Angels , I invoke the 7 Archangels and my personal Angel is Arcangel Michael who is by my side everyday. My readings are purely intuitive and I connect to the Angels and Energy and ask the customer to pick their cards .  As well as guidance from your higher self for that part of you has no Ego and that part of you knows you you truly are and what ou are doing here on this planet ? Why the sufffering , why the drama ?

Sometimes , there is noone else that can aswer your uestions but your higher self .