Trauma Cleansing

Power of Trauma is often overlooked , often one feels like its been dealt with by pushing it into the back of the mind , or the modern societty feels that counselling sets us free from such experiences.Little people will realise the remains left behind are not that simply cleaned .

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Shamanic Healing

I also offer SHAMANIC healing is which is  known as one of the one of the oldest healing practices,

In Tribal cultures , shamans are very important as they communicate with the sprit realm and assists the person on a deeper level . When I started on my journey with Reiki , in one of my meditations , I have met my sprit aimal who is a very wise white wolf , who wears a Torquise totem around his neck . He is a powerful healer who can travel to the underworls with me to do the Shamanic Reiki Rituels.

There is no set schedule for this treatment as it depends on the person who is seeking healing .

The sessions normally take 30-45 minutes and I use sage smudges , tribal drums and other herbs and protection crystals if I see necessary necessary. Rest and plenty of fluids recommended thereafter 

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Dream Interpretations

I ran down the road so fast, I was pushing so hard but they were chasing me... I didn't know who they were, but I felt their power all I felt was fear... Then I started flying so high, I saw my head in the clouds... I was safe....  11.11.2001 time 1.11 am

This was a dream ... but what did it mean ? It felt so real, I felt the touch, felt the tears, everything was so real  needed to understand and unlock the codes to my dreams...

This is how it started for me, studying my dreams, gave me so much power.

Come and find out how your dreams can help you....

Love and light x

Rakkama Reiki

Mahatma Gandhi:
“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

One of my clients asked me a few years ago , in despair , : 

- Why do I keep living the same senarios with different partners I have throughout the years ? I try to change but it all ends up the same ? I'm sure you have said that to yourself at least once in your life , maybe not your parters but other people you interact with ?

Why do I always get taken advantage of ?

Why does this keep happening ? I give up and then start again , then I get angry with myself for being addicted and weak ...

My simple answer to that is , are you reaally trying to change yourself , your thoughts , on how you see things ? If you keep thinking the same way , even though actions might be different pattern , your results will be the same ... over and iver again because it is a pattern that your brain has created and as soon as triggers signal you , your synapses has no choice but to follow th eold paths in the brain that were created previously in similar senarios.

So , the solotion to simple change is simply by changing the energies that the brain frequencies create and assure that the old unwanted patterns are replaced with positive ones . Consider as though you are replacing your computer because some of your files were curropted and you are opening the folders in your compute and simply Renaming them and reforming them ,

You are Chaning the folder named Anger to Love ,

The folder named Weight Gain to Ideal Weight

The folder named Jealosy to Securty 

It is as simlple as that ,ou just need to decide what you are replcing what with , if you need patience and condidence but have very little , then thats what you change to . The Rakkama Reiki symbol will work on the energy and deliver the results . The results willbe seen in as little as 6 weeks , and regular treatments are life changing .

Comeand discuss what ou want to change . Be the change you want .


Melike x



Kundalini Reiki


What would you do if the house you live in gets the electric cut off ?

Or when you flick a SWITCH ,what if you trip every single electrical device in your house ?

Or your house is COLD no matter how many heaters you plug in ?

 You would call someone to fix it wouldnt you ?  Now I would like you to imagine yourself as a house with an electric wire system in it.  When you experience energy distruptions , like extreem tiredness and quick anger , depression , anxiety , exterema back pain , siatica , your electric system is damaged and needs fixing immedeately . Your chakras are in need of recharging . And the best way to feed your chakras is Kundalini Reiki. 

This is a wonderful grounding energy , and is especcially recommended for thoise who suffer from Back Pains , Leg Pains , Siatica , Depression , find it hard to Relax and Ground. As a Summary , these are common issues that are side effect that let us know that the individual does not ground well , or has not done so in the past.

Kundalini Reiki is a very calming flow , it instanty puts one in a meditative state simply because the strong Energy from the Earth Centre , blasts and clears the chakras inside out , bathing them in Eternal Love of Mothe Earth , leaving the person very relaxed and calm.

Kundalini Reiki not only heals peple , it heals sitiations , animals , relationships , anything you are being challenged with , it can Ground and be healed .

Its very efefctive treatment especcially for extreme back problems providing reular tretaments are applied , a healht Root Chakra nd a good Earth connection will be established through Kundalini Reiki . In a way , imahine this as thogh you are replacing the Old electric system in your house , as the old wires have depleted energy , and you are laying down new CABLES for the energy tpo flow and you are EARTHING your power supply in your home

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Reiki Treatments


Reiki is a wonderful energy that has no limits of reach. Time , distance does not make any difference . I chanel this wonderful energy as werll as teaching it. REiki can heal the fast , power the future as wel. It works wonders as it also helps the person to release the old energies and the effects of negative thinking. 

Some popular treatments that Reiki is used are as follows : 

Stress , Anger , ADHD, OCD , Insomnia , Depression , Anxiety, Traumas, Digestive Problems , Coomon Colds and Flus , Fatique , Fibromibralgia , Hernia , Siatica , Back Pain , Intimacy Issues , HIV , MS , Cancer , Dementia and many more . 

Please note that I tailor each cleint with their own Healing Programme as we are all indiviauls with difefrent experiences and will need different methods to understand , release and heal .Please come in to discuss your Healing Programme . 

Love and light 




Personal Energy Forecasts


Do you keep repeating patterns ? Are you wondering why you cant reach  certain goals despite having watched the Secret over a hundred times ? Do you keep on wondering where you are going wrong when you do everything by the book ? My simple answer to this is that you perhaps do not posses the same vibration as your desire .

But all this harking on about energy ,Are you energy wise ? Or still none the wiser ? Did you know that you have a certain vibration and did you know that you can change your vibration . You can rise in vibration but you can lower it as well .

I will compare this to a Radio frequency . If your listening to Classic FM , you would not get it unless you tune into that channel would you ? Just like the radio waves and frequencies , as a human , you vibrate and releasee energy , positove or negative . You may change your vibraton with activities like .excercise , changing diet , regular energy treaments . 

Some Vibartion rising activities are : Dancing , singing , laughing , druming , sex 

Voibration lowering activities ; argument , gossip , swearing , shouting ,  etc

If you are not aware of what you transmitt , weather goood or bad , how can you fine tune it to what you want and need ?

Come in and have a chat about your viration and how you can change it . You will never loose on self investment . 

Love and light 


Tarot and Angel Card Readings


Fore warned is Fore Armed they say ,and I agree ...

Sometimes there is not a lot you can do but soften the blow for whats coming .

Sometimes there is nothing you can do but hope for the best ,

Sometimes , you need to realise and look deeeper into the situation ,

Sometimes , you only need to realise your mistake and apologise and all will be healed ,

Whatever the situation , daily challanges are a part of life on Earth and we all need a helping hand to get up a step to overcome a challenge. 

I offer two types of readings For those of you who believ in the existence of Angels , I invoke the 7 Archangels and my personal Angel is Arcangel Michael who is by my side everyday. My readings are purely intuitive and I connect to the Angels and Energy and ask the customer to pick their cards .  As well as guidance from your higher self for that part of you has no Ego and that part of you knows you you truly are and what ou are doing here on this planet ? Why the sufffering , why the drama ?

Sometimes , there is noone else that can aswer your uestions but your higher self .